Masonry Design Consulting

ODB provides structural design consulting services for new masonry structures. Our primary expertise is in structural form finding, particularly of funicular shells, and we prefer to get involved in conceptual design at a very early stage. We also provide further analysis capability to provide specialized structural design at a more advanced stage.

Our design philosophy is based on our experience in the assessment of historic structures, and we seek contemporary interpretations of compression-only structures, providing expressive forms which are elegant and structurally efficient. Similarly, we welcome the challenge of designing novel structures which rely on the daring stability of discrete block systems.

Our design capabilities stem from advanced structural modeling capabilities, as well as expertise in complex geometry and computation. Where appropriate, we make use of 3D printed structural models to investigate capacity and construction methodology.

1: MIT Collier Memorial, Cambridge, USA, 2015
2: Mapungubwe Interpretive Centre, South Africa, 2009
3: Pines Calyx Conference Venue, Dover, UK, 2006
4: MLK Jr. Park Vault, Austin, USA, 2010-