Advanced Structural Modeling

ODB provides expertise in analytical and computational modeling for both assessment and design. Our modeling capabilities are tailored towards determining the stability and safety of masonry structures under various loading conditions, but are also applicable to a wider range of problems.

We have developed in-house software to evaluate 2D and 3D equilibrium of structures with complicated geometry. In particular, where consideration of 3D equilibrium is critical, the development of thrust-network analysis (TNA) enables us to explore 3D compression-only solutions which can be used for the analysis of existing vaulted structures, as well as the design of new funicular shells.

To complement TNA, we provide expertise in discrete element modeling, a framework tailored towards the analysis of structures made up of individual blocks which may separate and regain contact. Discrete element modeling enables us to assess stability due to cracking and large displacements which may occur due to settlement or dynamic loading. It also enables more in-depth analysis for structural design.

As geometry is critical for masonry structures, correctly defining geometry is important. We have experience and the capacity to collect and use laser-scan data to define complex geometry. We also have experience interfacing our analysis methods with laser-scan data.

Our expertise and the development of these state-of-the-art analysis methods has grown out of academic research, and we are especially interested in addressing challenging problems which require unique analysis solutions.